Mother Blessings

The mother blessing way ceremony marks a turning point, growth, and change for
mothers. This ceremony marks the transition in life with rituals that enhance and
enrich mother’s lives. The ceremony has different moments in which we shower the
mother with our wishes for her birth, and honor her special journey into motherhood.  
The Mom-to-be brings together the important women in her life and we create a
special space for her. Usually this ceremony is done a month before the moms
expected due date, but can be done earlier as well.

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What happens at a Mother Blessing?

Each Mother Blessing that I facilitate is unique just as each Mother and family is.
There are 5 key elements with in a Mother Blessing, they are:
•        To bring support to the Mom-to-be and to honor the divine feminine with in her
•        To help her to release fears or doubts surrounding the pregnancy and birth
•        To honor the changes the baby is bringing to her
•        To bless the road ahead of her
•        To welcome the Baby to the world as a community

There are a number of ways that we can express these elements. We work together to
bring the most perfect celebration for you. Laughter, tears, love, open hearts,
sisterhood, and reverence are always present.

Can I have a Mother Blessing if this is not my first baby?

Yes! The main intention of the ceremony is to "bless the way" for you regardless of
where you are in your journey through motherhood. Children may even participate in
the ceremony, allowing them an opportunity to receive  support and encouragement
from the circle. This can help them to adjust to the changes a new baby can bring with
greater ease.
What are the benefits to having a Mother Blessing?

Research shows that social support and a woman's attitude toward birth and her body
can greatly affect her birth outcome and the way that she Mothers.
A Mother Blessing can
•  Provide the support a woman needs to build her confidence
•  Assist her in becoming aware of her inner power
•  Help her to feel more spiritually connected
  • Help her feel more connected to her baby

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