Childbirth Educator

Becoming a Mom/Comenzando Bien is a bilingual curriculum designed for pregnant
women in a supportive group setting to learn about having a healthy pregnancy and a
healthy baby. Becoming a Mom/Comenzando Bien was created by the March of Dimes, a
non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of babies by preventing birth
defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

Becoming a Mom/Comenzando Bien has two separate curricula: The Pregnancy
Workshop, an English language curriculum for pregnant women, and Comenzando bien,
a bilingual curriculum for Spanish speaking women. The curriculum is made up of nine
2-hour sessions, however, as your doula, I can focus on one, some, or all of these
sessions with you personally as well. Let me know if you are interested in a group (a
minimum of four people), couples, or one-on-one childbirth education. The sessions
will be tailored to your specific needs.

Overview of the Sessions

Session 1: You and Your Pregnancy
Participants get to know each other and learn basic things they can do to help them
have a healthy pregnancy.

Session 2: Prenatal Care
Participants learn about the importance of early and regular prenatal care and the skills
they may need to navigate the health care system.

Session 3: Eating Healthy During Pregnancy
Participants learn about the importance of healthy eating and appropriate weight gain
during pregnancy.

Session 4: Stress During Pregnancy
Participants learn about the importance of taking care of themselves during pregnancy
by reducing stress and nurturing supportive relationships.

Session 5: Thing To Avoid During Pregnancy
Participants learn about what to avoid during pregnancy, including smoking, drinking
alcohol and using illegal drugs, and practice new ways to change behaviors.

Session 6: The Big Day: Labor and Birth
Participants learn about labor and birth and think about their own preferences and
choices for the birth of their baby.

Session 7: Caring For Your Baby
Participants learn ways to feed, bathe and care for their baby.

Session 8: Postpartum Care
Participants learn about the physical and emotional changes that women can
experience after giving birth.

Session 9: Graduation
Participants celebrate their completion of Becoming a Mom/Comenzando Bien.

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